Hypnobirthing courses

Fuel for Mama offers group and private hypnobirthing courses. The aim of these courses is to make you feel empowered, prepared and excited to give birth, so that you have a birth that you feel positive about, no matter how it happens.

Fuel for Mama hypnobirthing courses

Fuel for Mama group hypnobirthing courses comprises of four 2-2.5 hour sessions.

Private course covers the same material but can also be taught over three 3 hour sessions, if preferred.

Private courses – £375 (includes birth partner if preferred)

Group courses – £250 (includes birth partner if preferred)

Upcoming group courses

If you are interested in a group course please get in contact. To provide the greatest flexibility for everyone, I often create group courses based on dates that work for you and people due around the same time as you.

Please get in contact if you have any questions or would like more information before booking a course. If group hypnobirthing course dates do not suit you, then please get in touch.  With some notice I will always try and accommodate you.

Bring your own friends

Do you have a few pregnant pals and you’d all like to have a more positive birth? Or have you already met other expectant parents and would like someone to run a hypnobirthing course for you? If you have a gang in mind, courses can be run for three couples for £595 or for £725 for four couples. If so, get in contact and we can arrange dates and times that work for your group

What do Fuel for Mama hypnobirthing courses include?

  • A full understanding of the science of labour
  • An in depth look at how our bodies are designed to give birth efficiently and comfortably
  • What happens during different stages of labour and during birth
  • Understanding of how the mind and body work together
  • Techniques to reframe how you think about birth and feel positive about it
  • Techniques to release fear and remain calm in pregnancy, birth and parenthood
  • Tools to help you make informed decisions so you can make the right choices for you
  • How birth partners can play an important and helpful role during labour
  • Home practice programme and course notes
  • Relaxation and positive affirmations MP3
  • Fuel for Mama goody bag
  • On group courses
    • The chance to meet like minded people in a similar position who can support you during pregnancy and parenthood
    • A group What’s App chat so you keep in touch with the like minded people you will meet and support each other
  • On private courses
    • A course tailored to your specific circumstances
    • Introductions, if desired and applicable, to other nearby expectant mamas

Refresher courses

Fuel for Mama also offers refresher courses for mums (and their partners) who have already used hypnobirthing with previous pregnancies but want to be reminded of the core elements of hypnobirthing and prepare for birth. Refresher courses start at £85 for 2 hours, but can be tailored to suit your personal situation and need. Please get in contact if you would like to find out more.

Intensive ‘crammer’ courses

Is your due date approaching and perhaps you’re beginning to wish you had done more preparation for your birth? Fear not, I can help. I offer a 3 hour private course which teaches a stripped back version of my signature hypnobirthing course. The purpose of this is to teach you relaxation techniques and quick wins to help you quickly build a positive birth mindset. I will also provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and feel empowered to have a positive birth, no matter how you give birth. Intensive hypnobirthing courses start from £150.

When is the best time to do a hypnobirthing course?

You can do a hypnobirthing course at any point during your pregnancy. Hypnobirthing works for everyone in different ways, but the more you can practice the techniques, the more it will work for you. With is in mind, the more time you have to practice, the better! But, hypnobirthing will have an effect, no matter when you start. Bearing this in mind, from about 20-30 weeks tends to be the best time to do a hypnobirthing course.

Does my partner have to do the hypnobirthing course with me?

Noone has to do anything. You can absolutely do a course by yourself and by doing a group course it’s also a chance to meet other local expectant parents. However, most women attend with their birth partner, so that both people learn the same information, techniques and can prepare together for the birth of the baby.

Part of the course looks at the really important role that the birth partner plays and how to be an effective birth partner to help empower a woman to have the best birth she can. If your birth partner attends then they hear this information first hand and have a complete understanding of how hypnobirthing works. This is one of the main advantages of doing a face to face (or virtual) course rather than an online one.

Where do you teach your hypnobirthing courses?

Group courses are taught in central Hitchin, Hertfordshire, but if you have a group of expectant parents, I am happy to come to you.

Private courses can be taught virtually or in person – it’s entirely up to you. Private courses can either be taught from the comfort of your home or in Hitchin.