Kind words & testimonies

People who have done a Fuel for Mama course have said some lovely things…

Hypnobirthing works. Fuel for Mama ante-natal birth preparation classes make a difference. But, don’t just take it from me, hear it from some happy past clients, and see what they thought. Take a peek below if you’d like to read their Fuel for Mama birth preparation and hypnobirthing reviews.

Ed, first-time dad

“As a somewhat sceptical Dad, this fascinating course pleasantly surprised me. I found Emma’s teaching relaxed, friendly and highly informative. I, and my partner, learnt absolutely loads across the sessions. The classes teach the science behind labour and explained the ways a birth partner can help during birth (rather than standing about like a lemon!) As a result, Emma busted plenty of myths along the way.

The guided relaxations were a particular highlight, but I couldn’t speak highly enough of the course as a whole either. My preconceptions about Hypnobirthing were quickly dashed. The course has given me a real insight on my vital role as a present and supportive birth partner.

100% would recommend!”

Louisa, first-time mum

“When I first found out I was pregnant birth, and how the baby might actually come out, terrified me! However, Fuel for Mama gave me all the tools and knowledge I need to understand the process and feel prepared. As a result, I’m much more relaxed and almost looking forward to it now! 

Emma really helped me feel ready for birth. I had no idea how much of a difference it would make to discuss the details of birth in a face to face setting with my partner. It was also great to discuss my ideas and thoughts with other couples in the same situation. I feel like I’m not on my own now. 

Fuel for Mama has not only given me the information and tools I need to help me feel prepared for birth, but also it’s given me the time and space to consider it and digest it properly with my partner. Discussing birth with Emma and other couples in a relaxed setting helped me to challenge my preconceptions and to get a much better idea of how I want my birth to be.”

Diego, first- time father

“I really enjoyed the Fuel for Mama hypnobirthing course. It gave me a better understanding of the process of labour and birth. Additionally, it taught me how to prepare and also what to expect. Perhaps most importantly, it taught me about the role I can play in my child’s birth as my wife’s birthing partner.”

Abi, second-time mum

“The Fuel for Mama birth preparation course was really helpful and reminded me of a lot of points that I had forgotten. I really enjoyed the session and I feel in a much better head space about my home birth. I’m very excited and now want to give myself time to relax and practice prior to giving birth.” 

Hayley, first-time mum

“Emma is very knowledgeable and has a natural way of explaining new concepts like breathing and visualisation techniques. She is non-judgmental and not attached to particular birth outcomes, rather that mum-to-be feels positive and able to adapt to any kind of birth. My husband and I had a private four session course, and particularly enjoyed Emma’s guided meditations, which were a nice way to relax together and prepare for things to come. Thank you Emma for getting us off to a good start with our first child.”

Vicky, first-time mum

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Fuel for Mama hypnobirthing course and I learnt so much. I came away from it feeling calmer, more relaxed and totally empowered to make the right choices for me during my labour. 

Emma is an empathetic, warm and down-to-earth teacher, who put us all at ease. She created a friendly environment where we were able to openly share our worries and ask lots of questions. 

I’ve always been anxious about giving birth, but with Emma’s help, I now have a whole host of strategies to help me feel relaxed and in control when the time comes. I’m practising the relaxation techniques daily and they’ve been a real help during my pregnancy too. Emma also taught me so much about my body, how it works and how well designed it is for birth. I now have complete trust in myself to deliver my baby safely and calmly. 

I’d highly recommended Emma’s hypnobirthing course to any expecting parents – to help you prepare for your positive and empowering birth story!”

Jon, first-time father

“I was a bit apprehensive because I didn’t know much before the course started but found the advance reading and Emma’s delivery incredibly comforting and reassuring. I appreciated the rooting in science and the importance of mindset. Consequently we took away a number of very simple yet hugely effective tips on how we can reframe childbirth to be a positive experience and one we are prepared, motivated and confident in facing.

The course put our minds at ease on expectations of childbirth and my role as an expectant dad. I would highly recommend the course to any expectant parents who want to make childbirth a positive experience.” 

Rhienna, first-time mum

“I wasn’t intending to have children for most of my life, as I was uncomfortable with the idea of both pregnancy and birth. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I started to come round to the idea (still took years). Once I was onboard with the idea, I stopped being fearful of both, however, I still didn’t want to know what was going to happen during birth. Every friend seemed to have a horror story to share which I didn’t want to hear about. Talking with Emma about the Hypnobirthing course helped me understand the benefits and I am so glad my husband and I have done it. 

The Hypnobirthing course allowed us to understand what was going to happen during birth in a positive way. We learnt a little, then reframed it to not be scary, then did a mindfulness session. The content isn’t overwhelming and I feel more prepared for what’s to come. I truly think that if we hadn’t done this course, I would have gone into labour blind and definitely been worse off for it. I wouldn’t have known what options I had or been able to reframe or be calm, at the time. 

Emma is kind and understanding, not judgemental or forcing of any views or a certain approach; it’s all just information and suggestions that you can take away or leave. 

I am ready and excited for the birth of my little boy. Thank you Emma!”

Britannia, first-time mum

“I just completed a one to one hypnobirthing course with Emma ahead of having my first baby. I’m so glad I did. Going through the course really helped remove some of my fear around labour. It taught me ways to prepare to feel more confident. Emma was a great teacher, taking time to make sure we understood everything and being patient with our questions. I would definitely recommend Fuel for Mama hypnobirthing courses.”

Frances, second-time mum

“With my first child I briefly used an online course, but I’ve found it really helpful to think about the decisions I may face in labour in more depth and practice relaxation techniques together. Emma creates a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere and it has been easy to have helpful open discussions. The tasty flapjacks and tea was also much appreciated!”

Nathan, first-time father

“I absolutely loved the course! It was a great way to spend an evening. The course really helped me to feel less anxious about my partner giving birth and to feel informed about what to expect. As a man, I was nervous to attend, for fear of invading a female space. But, I was warmly welcomed and made to feel a relevant and important member of the group. Emma has been amazing – many thanks!”